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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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transportation officials announced the span can open on labor day as planned. the announcement coming from the toll bridge oversight committee happening two days after federal transportation officials signed off on a temporary fix for those bolts. the problem was threatening to delay that opening until december, possibly later. the argument is the new bridge with the temporary fix will still be safer than the current bridge. again, the new span of the bay bridge can open up on labor day as long as all of the retrofit work is completed.
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we will, of course have much more on the story tonight at 5 and 6:00. good morning, everybody, thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. now to developing news we are following in walnut creek where authorities are look for burglars who put the smash in smash and grab. take a look at this. they used a truck to ram the front of this tiffany's store this morning but as nbc bay area's bob redell is about to show us, the burglars didn't get away with much. bob, good morning. >> reporter: this is an example of big risk, little reward, by ramming a stolen pickup into the front of this tiffany's, these four men exposed themselves to security cameras and several witnesses. and for what? they apparently didn't realize just how hard it would be to get the really expensive stuff once inside. a gutsy move in plain sight of the morning commute of downtown walnut creek. around 5:45 this morning, thieves in a pickup truck stolen out of citrus heights bust into
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the front end of tiffany's, a high-end jewelry store at south main and mount diablo. four men in hoodies made entry where it appears they spent more time trying to break into that jewelry case than actually stealing jewelry. for a criminal, precious time lost when racing against a security alarm and 911 calls. police believe they had dreams of filling these blue bins with expensive gold, silver and platinum, dreams dashed with the bins left behind, their haul so small, who do carry it out with their own hands. police wouldn't say how much the haul was worth, only that it was a small amount of jewelry that was relatively inexpensive, not the really expensive stuff. they estimate the thieves were inside the store for two minutes before escaping. police say they arrived minute later. right now, they are looking for those four men. no description yet as they were wearing hoodies. they took off in what looks like a white chevy blazer. later today, police might release images and/or video captured by had in-store and nearby security cameras.
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live near downtown walnut creek, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. happening now, the sentencing hearing for two men convicted of gang raping a teenaged girl at richmond high school, 20-year-old marsellus peter and 22-year-old jose montan know each face 33 years to life in prison for this attack. last month, the two were found guilty on all counts for their involvement in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside the school's homecoming dance back in 2009. two other men connected to the case took a plea deal. two more are awaiting trial. our jodi hernandez is in court right now. she will have an update tonight at 5 and 6. a bike rider who last year hit and killed a pedestrian in san francisco is expected to learn his fate some time today. chris boo carrey pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter after kill august 71-year-old man in march last year. boo carrey blogged about that incident soon after it happened, saying he simply could not stop
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in time. he is expected to receive 1,000 hours of community service along with three years probation once he is sentenced this afternoon. meantime, the family of boo carrey's victim, 71-year-old sue che we is expected to speak this afternoon. the family will be speaking at the district attorney's office immediately after the sentencing hearing. a bay area drive here hit and killed a bicyclist in pleasanton now faces murder charges because of something he tweeted. 18-year-old cody hall was charged with murder yesterday and is being held without bail. police say he struck 58-year-old diana herzerford and her husband on foothill road in pleasanton junedth, killing her and seriously injuring her husband. was reportedly driving 43 miles per hour over the speed limit. police say boasted on twit ber speeding and led to the murder charge. a desperate 911 call from a young girl about a fight between her parents ends with officers
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shooting and killing her father. late last night, hayward police showed up to an apartment complex on tennyson road not too far from he is peer yin boulevard. the girl on the 911 call told police her dad was threatening her mom with her knife, saying he was planning to kill her. when officers got to the apartment, they ordered that man to drop the weapon but he reportedly refused and police say he then run onlied at officers with that knife. that's when officers fired, shooting the suspect at least one time. the dad later died at the hospital. three other people in the apartment at the time of the shooting, they were not hurt. now to a developing story in egypt. in his first statement and his first action on the ongoing bloody crackdown in cairo, president obama today called on both sides to cease-fire. however, he did not take the strongest action possible, which would be pulling u.s. aid. nbc bay area's steve handlesman has the latest from washington.
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>> reporter: president obama walked a thin line as he came to the music on martha's vineyard. he condemned the crackdown by egypt's military. >> we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> reporter: but mr. obama suggested many egyptians, maybe a majority, i wanted the army to oust elected president mow ham mid-morsi and wanted the protests by pro-morsi backers ended but he said egyptians and he are horrified by 500-plus dead and by protesters killing cops and attacking christians. >> we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and con dent attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. >> reporter: the president could have gone further. he could have declare there had had been a coup in egypt. all u.s. aid would have stopped.
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but he didn't. >> this morning, we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise, which was scheduled for next month. >> reporter: and president obama says his national security team now will assess what further steps the u.s. should take. but egypt is a key u.s. ally and the president clearly wants to keep it that way as he ramps up the pressure on both sides to stop the killing. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. >> steve, thank you very much. much closer to home in san francisco, a mother right now fighting for justice for her son and she is taking her grief and deep suffering public. paulette brown stood on the corner where her 17-year-old son, aubrey was killed seven years ago. now, she has been handing out new crime bulletins, trying to remind people there is a quarter million dollar reward in this case. brown and police say they know who the suspects are, but arrests cannot be made until a witness comes forward.
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>> i miss my boy. and i wouldn't wish this for any mother to go through something like this. >> we believe, as does ms. brown that we know who is responsible for her son's homicide. we need to have the evidence and/or the testimony necessary to make the case. >> at this point, brown is simply hoping her pain will help persuade witnesses to actually come forward. she says there was a streetful of people at the time of the shooting who ran from those shooters. a south bay high school student is recovering this morning after a violent robbery on his school campus. police say a man approached a girl on the silver creek high school campus and tried to take her ipad. the teenaged boy stepped in to help and that's when he was pistol whipped by the robber. the robber took off. police are still looking for him. campbell police need your help trying to find a pair of bank robbers. we have surveillance video showing the men hopping out of a red truck with masks and guns, then storming into the u.s. bank
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at south bass come and campbell avenue this all happened yesterday afternoon. that's just across the way from the prune yard shopping center to give you a reference there after forcing an employee to hand over cash, the two men jumped into that red truck driven by a third man. the gmc sierra was actually stolen from watsonville and ditched about a mile from the bank. police, they seem to think the robbers are now on the run in a blue/green tahoe and also a small silver honda. targeted twice, a milpitas church is beefing up security today after being a victim of two separate crimes in a matter of days. police say a 27-year-old man broke into st. john the baptist catholic church on main street sunday night. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of burglary and possession of burglary tools. the very same church was vandalized just last week. in that case, a 30-year-old man was arrested after police say he destroyed $20,000 worth of
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church property. the church is now adding a surveillance system and more locks to its doors and windows. the fourth time in recent weeks, vector control crews will be back out in force, fogging for mosquitoes throughout the south bay, focusing near the border of north and east san jose. official says mosquitoes found at that area just last week tested positive for that virus. tonight's treatment also coming on the heels of the country's -- i should say the county's first confirmed human case of the year. weather permitting, the fogging will start at 11:00 tonight and that will take several hours to complete. still to come, a private school's public battle. we will tell you why overenrollment that the all-girls school is leaving a peninsula neighborhood feeling a little overcrowded. here is a question. what exactly is this little guy? what kind of animal. we will tell you about the newest mammal just been discovered by scientists. >> he is cute. sysco systems says profits are up. why are they cutting 4,000
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employees? we will take a look coming up in business and tech. microclimates making a big impact this thursday morning, 81, sunnyvale, 69 in oakland, where the a's are getting ready for that first pitch. we will have your full weekend forecast when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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a well-known all-girls private school in palo alto is in hot water with the city and some neighbors. cast tall leia school is on the corner of bryant street and embarcadero expressway. it is permitted to enroll 415 students, but 448 girls are set to start girl later this month. the additional 33 students have some neighbors upset. >> i think it's just because of extra parking that seems to be the biggest issue. they have come around with petition and stuff and i think they will be at that meeting tonight to voice their opinions. >> now, to address community
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concerns, school officials are indeed holding a meeting tonight at 5:00 at the school. they are applying for a permit for the extra students. the city could decide is to fine the school. the first day of school is august 26th a decision could come soon. heading out to lunch in downtown san jose, you may notice some new places open up for business. one of them is the whisper cafe. this one opened for the very first time yesterday. it is just one of 20 new restaurants and retail stores that open in that downtown area over the past eight months. the city of san jose right now trying to make it easier and more attractive to open up businesses in that downtown core, launching the store fronts initiative. the city offering $16,000 in grants to help cover the costs associated with opening up a retail shop. at least one store manager seems to think this one will attract more business downtown.
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>> the reverse of the downtown area of san jose and definitely deserves it. it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. >> the city's ultimate goal here is to expand its store front initiative to fill up vacant store fronts in 12 other business districts. the city of san jose wants residents to stop junk mail before it ever reaches their mailbox. the stop junk mail san jose campaign aims to reduce the number of catalogs that end up in the crash or the recycling bin. the campaign uses the online service, catalog choice, where people can submit their address and opt-out of mailings from specific companies. campaign organizers say opting out saves trees and reduce the recycling load and greenhouse gases. if you would like to join the campaign, just log on to our website, there we have posted a link where they can sign up online. today's your last chance to visit san francisco's wax museum before it closes its doors.
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the fong family opened the museum on fisherman's wharf in 1963, but says it is time to take a step back from operations. over the next nine months, the museum will be renovated, then it will reopen as madam tussaud's. the max museum is home to 350 wax figures ranging from film stores political figures. all right. move to business and tech news now. thousands of men and women showing up to work at sysco, only to find out bummer news, they were out of a job. >> sysco started naming who would be part of the 4,000 layoffs this morning. scott mcgrew, ceo john chambers tried to explain the thinking behind the cuts. >> chambers was talking with our colleagues over at cnbc this morning. i'm going to show you a clip but the clip i want to show you is wall street's befuddlement. we won't hear what chambers those say but rather the reporters' confusion. cisco turned in quite strong financials wednesday afternoon.
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so, why the layoffs? >> did the business that these people were hired for not materialize? and then you talk about a relatively optimistic outlook but yet you are reducing your workforce by 5%. i'm just having trouble squaring up those two concept he is. > how do you have an 18% increase in revenue and lay off? to paraphrase the response, cisco needs to move quickly into new markets, the cloud cover the buzzwords hot now and changes needed to be made quickly. there is some history behind this decision. cisco has, in the past, been criticized for moving too slowly to recognize and deal with changing markets or a changing economy and now it is, indeed, moving very quickly. cisco's shares were down better than 7% in early trading. it is a dow component and that pulled the dow lower as well. we will continue to watch this. but again, 4,000 layoffs at
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cisco worldwide. back to you. >> tough reality there. scott, thank you very much. after years of very intense investigation, smithsonian scientists have discovered a brand new species of mammal. say hello to our little friend here, olanguito. the rust-colored furry mammal lives in tree tops of the andes mountains, weighs about two pounds, making it the most met tease member of the raccoon family. i guess we can kind of see that. it eats figs, insects and plant nectar. sounds tasty. i just want to know how they come one the names for these guys, like a office pool or something. >> he looks like an olinguito. >> explain that one later. it is the first new species of carnivore found in the western hemisphere in 35 years. of course, we all know that finding a new mammal, especially a carnivore, very, very rare. >> he is very cute. >> looks soft and fuzzy. >> not a bad diet either, the figs. i like figs. >> give me that nectar.
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>> a warm day depending where you are, meteorologist christina loren. >> you know what really bizarre today. 11:18, jon and marla, take a look at san francisco. would you think we were in the 50s, even the 60s, no. get right to your satellite imagery, show what you is left of the cloud cover, see right now august little bit clinging to the immediate coast, northernmost peninsula, 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures in the city i 70 in san francisco, 77 in livermore and 75 in san jose. so, here's the deal, we started out really mild this morning and is going to lead to a day that's just about as warm as yesterday, even though we had all that low cloud cover and still getting it right at the immediate coast. high pressure still in control and going to keep our temperatures nice and steady the next few days, no major climb yet, we will see the numbers start to creep up as we get into the all-important weekend. 70s and 80s around the bay and at the coast, see the 80s and 90s inland. want to hit beach, the best beach city i santa cruz, 76
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headed your way today. oakland coliseum, nice and busy right now, the a's taking on the astros, day game, 12:35, 69 degrees out there, comfortable conditions. heading out to that game, make sure you have your spf ready to go a good game out there let's go a's. 94, livermore, 86, san jose, what everybody wants, the 7-day forecast. 91 for friday, 90 on saturday. then, here's the deal, guys, sunday into monday, temperatures creep up and add humidity. we could see thunderstorms in the high country. keep you updated. see you back here tomorrow, back to you guys. >> you always do thank you, christine ta. >> humidity, always good for the skin. >> bad for the hair. >> why i cut all mine off. still to come, a zoo in china in trouble this morning after it placed a fake lion inside one of its enclosures. >> trying to figure out if anybody was really food. show you what we are talking about coming up after this break.
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well, if you have a fear of vampires, you are probably happy you weren't at last night's atlanta braves ballgame. crazy out there. that is a bat, flopping around. an injured bat out on the field, their shortstop took time to finally make the play on this, got it in his glove, very appropriately, guess who he hand it is to? >> the bat boy. >> get it? >> bad dumb bum >> >> the bat boy his name is ron, car tris to the safety of the dugout, trust us, the bat is okay. they eventually said, set yourself free and they let the bat go and went back to the trees hang upside down. another animal story four, a zoo in china coming under fire this morning, accused of putting a fake african lion on display. >> doesn't look like a lion. >> look at this the state-run
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news agency says it put a tibetan mastiff, like in this photo, in the lion enclosure. >> people believed this was a lion? >> the dog started to bark. >> sometimes gives it away. >> the zoo tells the paper it has the lion just at the breeding facility at the time. the dog was temporarily put in its place u reports are the zoo also had a dog in the wolf pen. >> some kind of fake zoo? all right. how about this? closer to home now, the pot is legal in washington. seattle police need to find something else to do at this year's hemp fest. they are on munchy patrol. instead of ticketing or arresting aten choice year, officers will be there handing out box of doritos. >> what? >> sure to generate buzz around the possibility of bringing attention to the focus of this weekend's festival, reforming federal marijuana laws. >> a big old commercial for doritos. >> better get a lot of chips, a lot of bags. need some motivation to get off that couch and exercise?
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>> always, yes. trying to tell me something? anyway, after this break, we will show you the power lifting granny putting all of us to shame. you will want to see this.
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we know you got the guns, she's workout warrior. next story can't get us into the gym, nothing will. >> meet the 77-year-old grandmother. >> look at the form. >> setting power lifting records and making her efforts more incredible, she batted back from near death 12 years ago. she was in an icu after a misdiagnosis of mono, put her body in septic shock. she hired a trainer, regained her strength and then some, compete neglect 70 to 74-age group. she set a record in the dead lift, 184 pounds. >> look at those sparkly sneakers. style and power. >> as for other seniors, sandra says get active and stay that way. >> sandra you are my hero. >> time to work out. >> thanks for being wuss. next newscast at 5:00 tonight. ♪ all right, let's go
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